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“Shemot” Mural on Display
at Sephardic Temple Tiferet Israel

After two years of work including three hundred pages of preliminary drawings, and after a debut exhibition at the Museum of the Bible in Israel last winter, the six by twelve foot “Shemot” Mural, by Barbara Mendes, which visualizes every detail in the Biblical Book of Exodus, will be on display at the Levy Family Exhibition Center of Sephardic Temple Tiferet Israel, from January 11 to February 19, 2006.
The “Shemot” Mural is divided into sections corresponding to the weekly Torah portions read in synagogues around the world each year. The narrative begins with the Israelites’ sojourn in Egypt, and the story of Moses. Then come the plagues and the ultimate Redemption from Egypt with the crossing of the Red Sea, and the culminating Revelation at Sinai with the giving of the Ten Commandments.
Specially decorated word balloons denote that the next sections which begin with the words “God said to Moses”. Myriad civil laws are shown; each in a tiny story-like vignette. Then come intricate instructions for the making of the Tabernacle and the Priestly Clothing. After the episode of the Golden Calf, the Tabernacle and Priestly Clothing are shown in infinite detail being actually made, culminating in the inauguration of the Tabernacle as a dwelling place on Earth for the Presence of God.

Other paintings by Mendes on display at the Sephardic Temple will include “Geulah”, (6’x6’), depicting three events that will be in place when the Messiah comes: the third and golden Temple in modern Jerusalem, the return of the Exiles, (Los Angeles Congregations arrive dancing on airplane wings), and the return of the Dead, (Biblical greats arrive from the sky on tiny chariots). “The Prayer of Hannah”, the brand new “Menorah Psalm” and “King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, and other paintings will also be shown, and the artist’s new television show “Fine Art for All” will be on view in the gallery.
There will be a Reception for the Artist on
Wednesday, January 18, 2006, from 6 to 9 PM.

Sephardic Temple Tiferet Israel is located at 10500 Wilshire Blvd.,
Los Angeles CA. 90024. The phone number is (310) 475- 7311.
Gallery Hours are Tues. 9AM to noon, Thurs. 3-6PM, and by appointment: (310) 475 7311, (310) 821-5141, or (310) 558-3215.

Fine Art by Barbara Mendes and Friends Gallery
2507 S. Robertson Blvd. L.A. 90034, (310) 558-3215
Open Sun.-Thurs. 1-8, Fri. 1-4
Paintings, Sculpture, Prints and Cards by Barbara Mendes,
Also Art by Lisa Barile Knox, Linda Smith and Mikhla Dauer
Jan. 9- Feb. 24, 2005: Early Murals by Mendes, and More

The Menorah Show
Gotthelf Art Gallery
San Diego Center for Jewish Culture
Dec. 15, 2005- Jan. 2005

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