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Welcome to the Store! Please browse through our reproductions in different sizes, forms, and price ranges. Six “Epic Paintings” are available in signed Lithographs , matted in custom gold-leaf frames, or unframed. A series of Poster Reproductions features paintings on a variety of Jewish themes, framed or unframed. Ten different Greeting Cards are available in sets of the same, or in a variety pack. Two Books are offered: “Epic Paintings” contains fine art photographs and writing which reveals all the stories embedded in these ten intricate works. “Shlomo the Beggar”, written by film-maker Velvel Gutman, is his authentic, lyrical, Yiddish-tinged telling of an amazing story from the life of King Solomon, accompanied by 22 intricate, full-color illustrations by myself.

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If you've never shopped On-Line, it's easier than you think. I had to order something myself, to test the Web-Site when it was new. I followed the instructions and ordered a Variety Pack of Greeting Cards, On-Line. It was delivered (From North Hollywood to West L.A.) in one day!! Our system is Secure , so consider trying this amazing new option; the instructions guide you through the process.

I want to thank my partner in “Barbara Mendes Prints LLC”, Jennifer Freund , owner of Corporate Impressions, for the beautiful printing and smooth handling of our products.

We've created “Barbara Mendes Prints LLC” in order to make my huge and detailed works available in different forms that people can afford to buy.

Rabbi Dr. Nathan Lopes Cardozo has written: “Surround Yourself with Art and Beauty”.

I hope our Store will be your Golden Opportunity.

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