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New books featuring my Art: "Art in Time" by Dan Nagel

"Max Said Yes, the Woodstock Story" by Abigail Yasgur, illustrated by Barbara Mendes

"Max Said Yes, the Woodstock Story" on Amazon

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Beautiful, vibrant copies of original artwork by Barbara Mendes,
from Max Said Yes! The Woodstock Story.
For $50 you can own a vibrant copy of an illustration from this award winning book.
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Celebrate the Aquarian Age.

Play beneath a million stars.

Woodstock nation

See Vayikra Mural in progress, in “New Paintings”

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Welcome to the site! I warmly invite you to view my “Epic Paintings” in the Art Gallery , and to shop for signed Lithos, Posters, Greeting Cards and Books in the On-Line Store . Or, you can browse through the store, and then order by sending for a free color Catalog from Barbara Mendes Prints, 10742 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood CA., 91601.

Please delve into the site and discover even more of my art. I've added a new section showing New Paintings: “The Prayer of Hannah”, “At Last”, and “The Mighty Hand of Hashem”. I've moved my favorite section, “Works in Progress”, into New Paintings; Click here to follow the progress on the monumental new “Vayikra” Mural, which shows every event in the Book of Leviticus. There are also photos of the making of the acrylic painting,“the Mighty Hand of Hashem”. Return to “Work in Progress” in the weeks and months ahead, to view progress on the Vayikra Mural.

Visit the “Collecting Art” section, and click on the choices at the top to view paintings in the Artist's Studio.

I also invite you to click to visit my Exhibits in photos, to get an overview of the many News articles about them, and to learn about up-coming Events .

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Barbara Mendes


Barbara Mendes
“. . . offers more pure pleasure
per square foot of canvas
than almost
any other painter."

- -Harold Haydon, Chicago Sun-Times

"Surround Yourself with Art and Beauty"
- Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo

“Torah is meant to be a light to the nations; these paintings are attempts to reveal and to glory in that light.”
-Barbara Mendes






BARBARA MENDES has been exhibiting her paintings in New York City, Chicago and   Los Angeles since 1973. She invented her style of “Epic Paintings” in her youth as her large canvases weave imaginary and reality-based images, filled with patterns of raw, brilliant color; creating intricate arrangements and compositions.

Change Gonna Come

Her subjects reflect her fascination with different cultures, the cross-country odyssey of marriage and motherhood, the revelations of womanhood, and the trials of ‘90’s arts activism in Downtown Los Angeles.

In 1992, Ms. Mendes came face-to-face with her Jewish heritage and began the path of Teshuva, or Return. The study, practice and celebration of Torah Judaism eventually became the driving force in her life and art, and has connected her to an audience tuned to the content and complexity of her work.


Ms. Mendes has always believed that art can and should uplift the viewer. Torah is meant to be a light to the nations. Her art strives to reveal and glory in this light.   

This site offers Barbara’s  original Judaic paintings, high-quality lithographs, poster reproductions, books and colorful greeting cards for sale.  Site is best viewed with a high-speed connection.  We apologize if some of our images take a while to download but we hope you will find it’s worth the wait. 

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